Why Us?


We've been in the website design business for 22 years and we're very good at what we do. And we're getting better every day.

We're professionals, we're always prepared and ready to respond. We're on top of all the latest web technologies, trends and security threats, and we have our finger very firmly on Google's erratic pulse.

We have a unique wealth of skill, knowledge and experience which we bring to bear on our cutting-edge website designs.

Our deep understanding of Technical SEO never fails to boost our clients' websites higher up the Google pages.

Because our website designs grow your brand value by bringing in more business.

Because to power up your business, you need to power up your website. Which is what we do best.

And our purpose is your success.

Our passion is turning your website dreams into reality, and along the way we’ll make the whole process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We like to keep things personal yet professional, and are happy to earn your trust with impeccable service and exemplary support.

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We're Humanwe speak your language.

We’re a small business ourselves so we know and feel your pain. We live in the real world and speak your language.

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We Own A BeardBut it's not a very hipster one

No one would accuse us of being trendy, yet in online and website terms we're totally on-trend. Give us a razor's edge of website design and we'll crawl along it. Show us the website you want to emulate and we can build it.

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We're LocalReal Personal Service & Support

We're Peebles, Edinburgh and Borders based. So if you prefer quick local support and a personal service you can trust and depend on, look no further.

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Never out of DateFuture-proofing insurance

Taking advantage of our Support and Aftercare options means your websites never grow old. They evolve and get better month by month, year by year.

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ResponsiveLooking Great On All Devices

We design totally responsive websites to take full advantage of Google's higher ranking algorithm for Mobile First websites.

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unique ValueStand Out From The competition

We'll capture the essence of your business so that your vision and personality shine out and make your heart glow every time you visit your site.

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