Things BreakAnd when they do we fix them.

emergency supportwebsite down, send help now

We know what it's like to be the wrong end of a support request, trying to get across the urgency of the support you need right now... and you end up wasting two hours of your life with a corporate robot whose only purpose is to up-sell you a more expensive package that just happens to cover the support you're asking for now. Your website's down and you're hyper stressed and losing business — yet it still takes them three days to fix what should have been sorted in an hour.

We've been there ourselves and felt that sense of utter helplessness — which is why we take our own support service so seriously. We always respond as quickly as we can so we can set your mind at rest, and let you know we're on it, we've got your back, and your issue is now our number one priority.

ad hoc supportunplanned or spur-of-the-moment support

This kind of support is for those unplanned, unforeseen and spur-of-the-moment jobs that often need done by yesterday, or to coincide with an upcoming event, or to take advantage of a new trend in your industry. It can also include regular updates to your site, as part of a growth plan, or to expand into another business opportunity and build upon your SEO.

What kind of tasks does this ad-hoc support cover?

  • Troubleshooting third-party issues
  • Adding or updating content
  • Customising your website
  • Adding a new logo
  • Adding new Pages
  • Adding Blog posts
  • Adding Call to Action (CTA) buttons
  • Adding Call to Action (CTA) sections

This is not an exclusive list, these are simply typical examples of the support we offer, which can always be tailored to suit your immediate needs.


If you like the idea of a personal safety net and the longterm security of a future-proofed website that is constantly evolving and growing ever stronger as it climbs steadily up Google's search results and ranking, then our Aftercare service is exactly what you need. Ask us about this.

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