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Taking Your Goods To Market


Your website is the cart, and SEO is the driving force, the horse. On its own your cart's going nowhere. If it's stuck in the mud far from Google's front page, then it'll likely stay there until it's overtaken by competitors. Which is not good for business. Because if your website's not on Google's front page, then it's as good as invisible.


Your cart needs the horse to get to the market. There are no shortcuts, and it really pays to beware of false economies. It's always tempting to de-prioritise the things we don't understand, but putting the cart before the horse is a false economy. Trying to cut corners is a false economy. Ignoring SEO because you can't see its value is more than a false economy, it's a very costly mistake. The kind that will cripple a business when it's most vulnerable.


Do your research. Invest in a sturdy horse. A properly harnessed horse and cart make a highly effective team that will take your business where it absolutely needs to go. It's not a choice, really, it's a necessity. Fortunately you're here and we have the means and the solution.

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Because we're very good at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We've been doing SEO for more than a decade, and it shows in our results. Especially for local businesses in Edinburgh, Peebles and the Scottish Borders. We're SEO experts. And we're getting better every day because we're on top of all the emerging technologies and working with them daily to grow our clients' businesses and push them higher up the pages. So if you really want to hit the ground running, then ask us about our New Website packages which have our strategy already built-in.

SEO Strategies For SuccessFront page ranking in Google means playing the longer, smarter game.

Hope is not a strategy.

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that follows your website's launch is even more important than its design and build. You have to be in the game to win it.

SEO is the strategy.

And it's about staying in the game, at the top of the game. And like all successful strategies it plays the long game, to win the wars as well as the battles.

And it has one purpose.

To keep your business website as high as possible in the absolutely vital Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Not on the front-page? How will your business survive?

Serious about SEO?Get in touch today and ask about our Advanced SEO Strategies [ASS]. We offer two options: built-in or addon modules.

the rules have changed

Mobile First, Mobile Only

Did you know that more users will now access your website from mobile devices than desktops?

If you factor in that 95% of all mobile searches are done on Google and that Google's changed the rules, then it's obviously time to take heed and follow their lead. Hence our Mobile First, Mobile Only approach.

Responsive Design

Responsive websites adjust to the width of the screen they're being viewed on, giving the user the same optimal experience seamlessly on every device.

Mobile First

Google's Mobile-First Index (initiated in 2018) means Google is now moving inexorably towards a mobile-only world. As are we, with our fully responsive mobile-first websites now our primary focus.

Mobile Only

95% of all mobile searches are done on Google. And Google's search results are now based only on the mobile-version of a website's page. This means that SEO is now solely about optimising for Mobile SEO.


Accessibility is at the heart of responsive design. Websites that are difficult to use on mobile devices will lose customers by forcing them to look at other options.

Local Businesses

In a mobile-only world the relevance of local search is even greater, giving local businesses a really high potential for traffic from mobiles and mobile users. This is a huge opportunity for small local businesses.


The implications of this are game-changing for small businesses: being able to leap ahead of local competitors who don't have mobile-first responsive websites is an advantage not to be missed in the SEO stakes.

Want to rank higher, play the smarter game?

SEO FAQsMost Frequently Asked Questions about Peebles Web Design and SEO

  • Why choose Peebles Web Design websites for better SEO results?

    Because we really know what we're doing. Our local business websites are highly professional and productive for their clients. They're built on strong foundations, and structured using the latest technologies and expert SEO so that they have everything they need to attract attention, hold attention, and deliver measurable results. In other words everything they need to climb those vital Google search page rankings.

  • Does a better looking website mean higher search engine ranking?

    Under the surface of a well-designed website there's a lot of paddling going on... and a good looking, easy-to-use website is a very good indicator that behind the scenes the backend of the website has been professionally designed in terms of structure, usability, information architecture, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) — all of which Google will take into account when ranking website pages higher in their search results.

    So, in a nutshell, yes. Our attention to detail both above and below the surface means your website will be sleek, streamlined and in perfect condition to rise up the Google rankings.

  • Do Peebles Web Designs include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

    Yes. Totally. We’ve been doing SEO for more than a decade now, and it shows in our clients' results. We’re extremely good at it and getting better every day because we work with best SEO practices and emerging technologies every day. This gives all our websites a real fighting chance of hitting the sweetest spots of local search results pages, as well as the upper hand over poorly constructed, old and amateur websites that fail to grow and adapt to the ever-changing search engine algorithms. On top of that, our SEO Aftercare offers the structure, strategy, power and tactics to reach even higher.

  • Can your designs get my website on the front page of Google's search results?

    Yes. Again, we're expert at what we do, and like all successful strategists we plan to win the wars and not just the minor skirmishes and battles. So if you have medium-to-longterm goals and the will and patience to reach even higher, then ask us about our Advanced SEO Strategies service which combines our successful blend of structure, strategy and action to steadily power your business up the Google rankings.

  • Do Peebles Web Design offer Support and SEO Aftercare?

    Yes we do. Our Support is personal and prompt, with meaningful results, whilst our aftercare services are a lot more than simply insuring your website investment through maintenance, security and backup protection. In fact our Advanced SEO Strategies service is firmly focused on growing your online business, brand and presence, while using our SEO expertise to drive your business up the Google rankings. If you'd like to know more about this, feel free to ask us, and how we can tailor a plan to precisely suit your needs.

  • I hear WordPress has a good reputation for SEO. Do Peebles Web Design do WordPress?

    Yes. Absolutely. We love it. It’s one of the most powerful tools in a webdesigner’s toolbox and its range of SEO tools is perfectly suited for larger or more dynamic websites that really want to make an impact with their SEO. Ask us how we can help.

  • Are your website and SEO services only for local businesses in Edinburgh, Peebles and the Scottish Borders?

    Not at all. You'll have noticed on our other pages that we already have a global client list established over the years, and we continue to welcome overseas clients looking for our specialised services. We also really enjoy working hands-on with our clients in Edinburgh, Peebles and the Scottish Borders... and local businesses love us for our swift personal support and impartial advice. So no matter where you are, give us a call, we're always happy to help!

SEO services in Scottish Borders. The purpose of SEO for websites near me in Edinburgh, Peebles and the Scottish Borders is to ensure you get a local SEO company who knows your local area far better than the anonymous SEO expert whose paid ads are at the top of the page. For real SEO advances and gaining higher Google ranking through onsite and offsite SEO, you need a good personal relationship with your SEO expert, someone local you can trust and reach out to when you need to do a little SEO work and not get charged a fortune by those faceless SEO companies nowhere near me.