No hidden charges

Clients choose to host their sites with us precisely because we're not some faceless corporate giant where, for a couple of quid a month, you get exactly what you pay for. Here at Peebles Design, we actually care about our clients' websites, and we take very good care of them because they reflect the quality of our premium service and reputation. As such, our support is fast, personal and totally dedicated to solving issues as quickly as possible.

One Plan, Many Benefits, No Worries

Rather than offering a selection of convoluted plans with a gazillion features you don't need or understand, we have one simple hosting plan that gives our clients everything they need to excel online. And, unlike those faceless, corporate, upselling giants, we have absolutely no hidden charges for support waiting to ambush you the moment you need help.

The Hosting Planwe've got your back

£60 pmor pay annually and save £120

All the hosting and support your website needs to stay fast and secure online!


Premium Support
Fast SSD Disk Space
All The Bandwidth Your Website Needs
100% Network Uptime Guaranteed
Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates
DDoS Protection
Regular Website Backups
SpamExperts Anti-Spam Protection
System and Security Updates
Website Administration and Maintenance

Most Popular!

Things BreakAnd when they do we fix them.

Even if you're not one of our clients we may be able to help.

emergency supportwebsite down, send help now

We know what it's like to be the wrong end of a support request, trying to get across the urgency of the support you need right now... and you end up wasting two hours of your life with a corporate robot whose only purpose is to up-sell you a more expensive package that just happens to cover the support you're asking for now. Your website's down and you're hyper stressed and losing business — yet it still takes them three days to fix what should have been sorted in an hour.

We've been there ourselves and felt that sense of utter helplessness — which is why we take our own support service so seriously. We always respond as quickly as we can so we can set your mind at rest, and let you know we're on it, we've got your back, and your issue is now our number one priority. Don't settle for less — your business and your livelihood can't afford it.