The Rules Have Changed


Responsive websites adjust to the width of the screen they're being viewed on, giving the user the same optimal experience seamlessly on every device they view your business website on.


More users will now access your business website from mobile devices than desktops — and 95% of all mobile searches are done on Google.


With Google's search results now based only on the mobile-version of a website's page, this means that SEO is now solely about optimising for Mobile devices.


This means that well-structured, accessible and engaging, mobile-first designs will rank higher in Google's Search Results pages.


And old, amateur or otherwise poorly designed websites that are not optimised for mobile devices will rank lower and lose even more customers.

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Local BusinessesDon't miss the boat. Seize the day.

In a mobile-only world the relevance of local search is even greater, giving local businesses a really high potential for more traffic from mobiles and mobile users. This is a huge opportunity for small local businesses... and the benefits are yours for the taking.

How does all this benefit you?

Coupled with our cutting-edge onsite SEO, our Mobile Only approach will give your website a much greater chance of ranking higher in search results — especially if you're a local business — and ultimately getting more conversions. Want to find out more?