We're different. We like to keep things simple.
So rather than offering a selection of convoluted plans with a gazillion features you’ll probably never need, we focus on giving you the essentials that will have a positive impact on your business.


One Plan, Many Benefits, No Worries

We have one hosting plan at a very competitive price and because we build your site we know precisely what kind of hosting it needs — so that's exactly what it gets. No confusing tech specs and gigabit whotsits to worry about, simply get on with your business and behind the scenes we'll make sure everything works seamlessly and effortlessly for you.

EmailUp To Five Accounts


Free SSL Certificates
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BackupsAnd Regular Checkups
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The Hosting Plan£20 per month

£180Pay Annually and save £60

All the hosting your website needs to stay fast and secure online!

Up to 5 Email Accounts
Fast SSD Disk Space
All The Bandwidth Your Website Needs
100% Network Uptime Guaranteed
Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates
DDoS Protection
Regular Website Backups
SpamExperts Anti-Spam Protection
System and Security Updates

Most Popular!

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AftercarePost Launch Updates & Maintenance

All powerful engines need regular maintenance to operate at peak performance. Along with our general content support, our post-launch Aftercare plans include full site and database backups; WordPress, theme and third-party plugin updates; website security monitoring and real-time alerts; conflict, malware and bug resolution. And that's only part of it!