Why Care?

Like any launch, your website launch will get you and your business off the ground and online with power, precision and style. It’s important — absolutely — but it's still only the first stage of a long mission. The most crucial stage is yet to come, the strategic process of steady improvement, adaptation and growth.


Hope is not a strategy

But our Aftercare Service is

The nature of business survival on the web these days is having long-term strategies, short-term tactics and attainable, measurable goals. Always being ready and able to respond quickly to Google’s ever-shifting search algorithms. This is where we shine, and how we can also make you shine.

Our Support and Aftercare services are more than simply insuring your website investment through regular maintenance, security updates and backup protection — they're focused on future-proofing your online business by giving you longterm strategies for growth, as well as bespoke 12 month strategies customised to achieve your specific business goals.

MaintainInsure Your Investment

£60per month

Play smart and safe, and keep your website running smoothly until you're ready to take it to the next level. Ideal for Microsites.

Website Administration and Maintenance
System and Security Updates

Growremain competitive

£120per month

Good option to grow your website month by month and boost performance and conversions through gradual growth and more targeted SEO.

Website Administration and Maintenance
Content Creation and Management
Targeted SEO
System and Security Updates

Afterburnleave the rest behind

£150per month

By far the best option for clients who want to power up and leave their competitors behind.

Bespoke 12 Month Strategy for Online Growth
Structured Data
Content Creation and Management
2 Website Audits & Analysis
Website Administration and Maintenance
System and Security Updates

Best Value

One Service, Many Benefits

Budget EasyAffordable Monthly Payments

Knowing exactly what's coming off your account — and its value — means one less stress factor on your list of concerns. Which means you have more time to stress about something else.

Always Up To DateQuick and responsive

Not having to worry about the everyday maintenance and constant updating of the website technology is one more duty delegated and one more stress factor removed. So chill. Tend your business. Or your beard.

Our Websites EvolveSurvival of the fittest

There's a reassuring sense of security knowing that your website is evolving, growing and getting stronger all the time — while those of your competitors slowly stagnate and slip down the search engine rankings.

Security Prevention is better than a cure

We're on top of this every day. If there's an alert, we hear about it and fix the issue straight away. Another worry removed. Sorry.

FlexibilityGrowth Without The Pains

If you want to invest more power in your website as your business grows — and save a lot more on spur-of-the-moment support — you can change up a plan whenever you want. You can also change down a plan after the first fixed year.

Cost EffectiveSmaller Upfront Investment

This one's a biggie for startups with tight budgets who understand the importance of a professional first impression. We make it all possible. In fact we're the perfect storm of opportunity you've been looking for.

Measurable GoalsWe take the anal out of analytics.

What can be measured, can be analysed. We love setting targets and achieving goals because it's central to our Aftercare game plan. We just don't go ubergeek with all the details — unless you want us to, of course!

Having A StrategyIt's the ring that binds them all

You've got your aims and ambitions, and have set yourself some achievable goals. We weave it all together with our strategy for the growth of your business online: more engagement, more conversions, and higher search engine rankings.

Want to find out more about the ways we can help you? Arrange a free consultation. Coffee's on us in your favourite Peebles coffee-shop!

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of tasks do the Aftercare plans generally include?

    All our Aftercare plans cater specifically for businesses in Edinburgh, Peebles and the Scottish Borders and can include all manner of content update requests and design tweaks — so anything we can squeeze into your monthly time is possible. Here are some prime examples:

    • Troubleshooting third-party issues
    • Adding or updating content
    • Customising your website
    • Content creation as per agreed strategy
    • Adding a new logo
    • Adding Pages
    • Adding Blog posts
    • Adding Call to Action (CTA) sections
    • Adding Forms
    • Adding Newsletter sign-up forms
    • Adding Image Galleries
    • Adding eCommerce products
    • Creating Newsletters
    • Creating Splash and Landing pages
  • Does the monthly Aftercare time roll over?

    There's nothing to rollover. Its primary purpose is to continually grow and improve your website and business through established goals, ongoing SEO and security and maintenance updates. And of course to give you immediate support when you need it, i

  • Does a better looking website mean higher search engine ranking?

    Under the surface of a well-designed website there's a lot of paddling going on... and a good looking, easy-to-use website is a very good indicator that below the surface the website has been professionally designed in terms of structure, usability, information architecture, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) — all of which Google will take into account when ranking website pages higher in their search results.

    So, in a nutshell, yes. Our attention to detail both above and below the surface means your website will be sleek, streamlined and in perfect condition to rise up the rankings.

  • Do you only design websites for Peebles and the Scottish Borders?

    Although we have an international client list, we love to work hands-on with our local clients in Edinburgh, Peebles and the Scottish Borders. If you're local and need some support or advice, give us a call, we're always happy to help!

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