We deliver stunning affordable website designs for businesses in Peebles and the Scottish Borders, professionally crafted to engage visitors, increase conversions and most importantly, rank high in search-engine results pages.

style is not an option

It's guaranteed. From single page websites for startups, through simple and complex, traditional and corporate, creative and minimal, to dynamic multi-pagers, we can fashion them all to make your business stand out from your competitors.

Core Values

Clarity Matters

Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees — which is where our experience and objectivity come in, to ensure your online brand is consistent with your message, value proposition and positioning.

Our clarity of focus will ensure your site benefits from a secure foundation, solid structure and intuitive navigation, alongside a content strategy that couples a clear understanding of your target market with effective calls-to-action.




They say 95% of the information on the internet is written, yet a website's typography is often overlooked. Not by us. We understand the importance of not only finding the right typeface to create a strong brand identity but also using typography as a User Interface (UI).


Storiesin Motion

by Peebles Design


Stories in Motion

by Peebles Design

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