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Responsive Design Rules

More users will now access your website from mobile devices than desktops. If you factor in that 95% of all mobile searches are done on Google and that Google's changing the rules, then it's obviously time to take heed.

Responsive Design

Responsive websites adjust to the width of the screen they're being viewed on, giving the user the same optimal experience seamlessly on every device.

Mobile First

Google's Mobile-First Index (initiated in 2018) means Google is now moving inexorably towards a mobile-only world. As are we, with our fully responsive mobile-first websites now our primary focus.

Mobile Only

95% of all mobile searches are done on Google. And Google's search results are now based only on the mobile-version of a website's page. This means that SEO is now solely about optimising for Mobile SEO.


Accessibility is at the heart of responsive design. Websites that are difficult to use on mobile devices will lose customers by forcing them to look at other options.

Local Businesses

In a mobile-only world the relevance of local search is even greater, giving local businesses a really high potential for traffic from mobiles and mobile users. This is a huge opportunity for small local businesses.


The implications of this are game-changing for small businesses: being able to leap ahead of all their competitors who don't have mobile-first responsive websites is an advantage not to be missed in the SEO stakes.

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DesignBe Professional

Don't shoot your business in the foot. We deliver stunning WordPress websites that will blow your competitors' amateur sites out of the water. Our designs, whether custom built or template based, are fashioned to fit specific client needs, with a tight focus on user engagement and improved conversions.

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AftercarePost Launch Updates & Maintenance

All powerful engines need regular maintenance to operate at peak performance. Along with our general content support, our post-launch Aftercare plan includes full site and database backups; WordPress, theme and third-party plugin updates; website security monitoring and real-time alerts; conflict, malware and bug resolution.

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MarketingPost Launch Update & Care

WordPress has some of the best SEO & CRM integrations out there. We use a number of marketing plugins & technologies to help you achieve your goals and to get the most out of your digital marketing campaigns.

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