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Professional Web Design and Hosting Services For Small Businesses in Edinburgh, Peebles, The Scottish Borders, and far beyond.

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Who We Are

And How We Got Here

So Many Hats

Professional Web Designers wear many hats because building a productive, profitable and professional website requires a range of skills each of which is a profession in itself. So it’s little wonder we end up with multiple personalities and start referring to ourselves as ‘we’.

Long story short?

My name’s Marten Claridge and I’m a One Man Studio.

Perfect Storm

What sets me apart as a professional Web Developer is that I’ve travelled a unique path to get here, and it’s only now that the sum of my pasts is paying dividends. I’m now a perfect storm of all the skills, understanding, knowledge and experience required of a One Man Studio and as such am the perfect fit for local businesses who need a cost-effective yet high-value solution for all their online demands.

Smart By Design

As a Graphic and Digital Designer I have a natural understanding of how to use the elements and principles of brand and design to weave a compelling visual story that flows effortlessly from page to website page.


As a Copywriter and Author I know how to research, structure, plot and write engaging stories that sell products and services. I know all about Unique Value and Selling Propositions and how to create dramatic tensions that can only be relieved by cathartic calls-to-action. Words are my weapons and I wield them with purposeful precision to make my clients’ businesses stand out from their cliché-ridden competitors.

We're Not An Agency

In fact we're almost human. And as a small business ourselves we live in the real world and speak your language. We’ve got a beard but we're not very trendy and we don’t charge agency prices, but we do all the important stuff agencies do, and a lot of the stuff they’re far too busy to do. So if you're looking for real local support and a personal service you can trust and depend on, then look no further.




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