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Reach Higher.

Watch your brand value and online presence grow as we use the latest technologies and cutting-edge SEO to deliver measurable results.

Our websites empower local companies, institutions, community groups, and creative enterprises to reach higher in Peebles, Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders. No matter the size or budget, we can both advise and help, and our decades of knowledge, skill and experience — along with our personal local support — will save you a whole lot of time and money, stress and worry.

Startup StrongFixed Price Foot In The Door

£499Plus £20 Per Month Hosting

Everything you need to get started. Choose between a one-page Micro website or a 2-4 page Mini website to get you online. Addons are optional but professional style is guaranteed.

One Stop Design Shop

where you always come first

Our websites attract attention and hold attention. They exude your passion and professionalism because we focus on you first and foremost, so we can understand your company's core strengths and philosophy before we even approach the website's structure and design. You matter more than you think.

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Web DesignProfessional Quality

Responsive business websites that look great on all devices. Microsites. Landing and Splash Page Websites. eCommerce websites. Booking Websites.

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Web HostingSecure Backups

Hosting Services. Domain Registration. Free secure Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates. Email & Forwarding. Unlimited bandwidth.

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Web SupportSwift & Personal

Our support is there when you need it, not 3 days later. In person. By Phone, Email or Chat. By Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. By Carrier Pigeon.

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AftercareSecurity & Maintenance

Aftercare is not only about growing the site and improving SER, it's the vital component that keeps everything optimised at the peak performance needed to stay ahead of the competition.

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SEOImprove Rankings

All our Pro designs include cutting-edge Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is vital in getting your site ranking high in the Search Engine Results (SER). In other words, Google.

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Mobile FirstResponsive On All Devices

Responsive websites adjust to the width of the screen they're being viewed on, giving the user the same optimal experience seamlessly on every device.

Quality Website Designdecades of experience dedicated to your success

Works In Progress

As well as maintaining our Aftercare clients, we currently have three new business websites in production and scheduled for launch in October, November and December.

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Tweed Financial ServicesRedesign, Hosting and Audit.

Peebles High Street financial services company looking for a total revamp of their outdated website.

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Wilderness 4 AdventureDesign, Hosting & Aftercare

Edinburgh. Total revamp of an outdated website, built in WordPress with a streamlined booking and payment system.

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Bonjour ProvenceMulti-Language Design & Aftercare

Bonjour Provence want a complete rebranded website for their guided tour company based out of Marseille — which is just the Route National 6 from Peebles.

Projects Recently Completed

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Carlisle & CollinsDesign, Hosting & Aftercare

Redesign of a long outdated site, this time with a real white-collar presence to reflect the legal nature of the company in a truly professional light.

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Bruce MishkitRestructuring and Redesign

This project entailed the restructuring, redesign and merging of Bruce's three separate websites into one single entity.

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Edinburgh Micro DiggersDesign, Hosting & Aftercare

Another redesign of an outdated site, this time with enough SEO punch to drive it up the search engine rankings.

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Home AppraisalsNew Design

Raena needed a professional online presence for her home appraisal business in Contra Costa county. Nothing big and fancy, just simple and stylish.

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose Peebles Website Design websites?

    Because they fill you with confidence that you can now reach higher, and grow from a position of strength to strength. You can get on with your business and watch your brand value and online presence flourish and thrive as we use the latest technologies and cutting-edge SEO to structure and design websites that attract attention, hold attention, and deliver measurable results.

  • Does Peebles Website Design also do Web Hosting?

    Yes. All our local business websites include the option for secure hosting and email. And because we like to keep things simple — rather than offering a selection of convoluted plans with a gazillion features you’ll probably never need — we focus on giving you the essentials that will only have a positive impact on your business.

    We have one hosting plan at a very competitive price and because we build your website we know precisely what kind of hosting it needs — so that's exactly what it gets. No confusing tech specs and gigabit whotsits to worry about, simply get on with your business and behind the scenes we'll make sure everything works effortlessly for you.

  • Do Peebles Website Designs include SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

    Yes. Totally. We’ve been doing SEO for more than a decade now, and it shows in our clients' results. We’re extremely good at it and getting better every day because we work with best SEO practices and emerging technologies every day.

    Our on-page and on-site optimisation gives all our business websites a real fighting chance of hitting the sweetest spots of local search results pages, while our SEO Aftercare and Booster addons offer the structure, strategy, power and tactics to reach even higher.

  • Does Peebles Website Design offer Support and Aftercare?

    Yes we do. And our Support and Aftercare services are more than simply insuring your website investment through regular maintenance, security updates and backup protection — they're firmly focused on the 'survive and thrive' principle to future-proof your online business.

  • Does Peebles Website Design do WordPress?

    Yes. We love it. It’s one of the most powerful tools in a webdesigner’s toolbox. Whether website design, build, upgrade, repair or redesign — we can help.

    We also offer professional Advice, Support and Training. And with their 30% marketshare and some of the world's most notable brands powered by WordPress, we can guide you through the minefield of its marketplace.

  • Do you have an all-inclusive package for those who don’t have the time or knowledge to manage their own website?

    Yes. Ask about our ’Full Scottish’. It’s the perfect stress-free solution for startups, as well as entrepreneurs who prefer to focus on the day-to-day demands of their business, while delegating their essential online presence to a real professional. Includes website design, hosting, SEO, support and aftercare. Monthly payment terms are also available.

  • Does Peebles Website Design offer monthly payment plans?

    Absolutely. We haven’t forgotten how hard it was when we started out so we’re happy to offer monthly payment plans for cash-strapped startups opting for one of our all-inclusive website solutions. If that's what you need, contact us today.

  • Do you only design websites for local businesses in Edinburgh, Peebles, the Lothians & Borders?

    Not at all. We have a global client list we've built up over the years, but we really enjoy working hands-on with our local clients, whether in Edinburgh or Peebles, or further afield in the Borders. Local businesses love us for our swift and knowledgable personal support and advice, so give us a call, we're always happy to help!